… I’ve made have gotten me to where I wanted to go.

I’m close to my target; from 155 to 128lbs. And I made sure that the scale is working properly and someone with a keen eye (to read) is present while weighing.

Why I did it? Because I suddenly hated not being able to wear what I want and getting out of breathe after just a flight of stairs. Plus, there’s this nagging feeling that I look like a cow.

How I did it? I can’t stop myself from eating what I want, so the easiest and safest fix is to simply not eat five (5) hours before sleeping. I still had two big meals – never missed breakfast and made sure I had a huge lunch – ate carbs, and a snack. The key is balance. It was most definitely a slow burn but you see steady results as long as you keep it a habit. Sure I nearly went crazy the first two weeks (for not being able to snack at any given time) but your body learns and it helps if you drink lots of water.

Next target: To firm up. Compared to learning to eat on time, this one is going to be a huge challenge. Everybody knows I’m inherently lazy and the only time I lift things is when I intend to move them. We’ll see. Perhaps if I find results especially on my tush, then maybe I’ll see working out differently.

I’m still not on target though (I’m gunning for 125lbs based on my BMI) but I’m positive that I can cross the finish line. The bikini has to wait too but since I live in the tropics, I can put it on almost anytime, so no stress.

One thing’s for sure though, I’m never going back to being unhealthy. Not when I watched my dad deteriorate because of his wrong lifestyle choices … then irrevocably lose the battle.


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