Blast From The Past

I’ve been talking to Mona and Ayi over Skype for quite sometime now. Given the different schedules we keep and the random things that pop on our calendars, it has become a dilemma to meet each other. Plus one of us is separated by a huge ocean.

So last Monday when I found two other high school buddies and got talking to them, I forgot that I had work and jabbed past my bedtime. All five (Jazz, Victoria, Mona, Ayi and me) rambled about anything that seemed relevant to our taste and the importance of seeing each other soon. Eventually the plan was cemented to this weekend over brunch, movies and coffee. This of course didn’t come as a shock. We were just as stoked to reconnect like everybody else.

I miss my click; more than I actually thought I would. My life ran nonchalantly and it seemed there was no extra need to put more hubbubs in the cup. But I was very wrong. So I took a moment in between all the laughter and the rowdy banter to thank them. The gratitude of course is called for given the many heady things happening around me; they unknowingly brought me back to what’s important and the farce of life started lifting.

We have been friends for so long because of the mutual importance we provide each other. The instant ability to dredge genuine concern, the strength to stay for support in the toughest times, the profound sincerity of understanding that we too are humans and the affirmation we afford each other. Our friendship may have had its ups and downs but the conscientious necessity to stick with it and work it out prevailed in every crisis. And maybe just maybe, there are just certain people (like me and the girls thank you very much) that has the ability to stick and weather the times.

Bless you Skype. And bless the friends I’ve kept all these years… see you on our hang time.


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