Several Meds Later

And I still have trouble sleeping. I am writing this after taking less than five hours of sleep which for me is never ever enough, specially when I came from a whole day’s activity before that… and the flu before that.

I can’t believe how frustrating this is.


So I thought I can bring myself to go out last Saturday, but alas, I’m reminded of my limitations as a human. The flu was stronger than I thought.

But before that, I popped my meds last Friday like M&Ms and was thankful that I didn’t have to go to work that day. Given I keep forgetting to eat (or I’m just so darn weak to get up and grab a sandwich), my stomach started throwing hissy-fits the following day. By Sunday, I was in such bad shape, I was already crying. I lost perspective that I just had flu and not a death sentence but somehow my vulnerability thoroughly eclipsed my sensibilities.

I don’t know about you but when I get sick, the water works starts. And that my friend, aint nice to see.

I’m better now. My ears are still buzzing and my head feels like it’s still slightly spinning but I think I’m bouncing back.

My weekend wasted in bed makes for such drama. Zero sexy time, zero socializing and zero shopping.


Sunday after church, I had a long talk with my friend from Aussie over Skype.

We had a lengthy touch ups for friendship sake and I learned that she’s sick. It may take sometime before the results come in but I’m hoping it’s nothing a long vacation can’t fix. The conversation was, at the beginning, for me; sort of wanting to connect while convalescing at my lonely bed. But then it eventually became about friendship, life in general and future plans (or lack thereof).

Abby if anything is resilient and I’ve never been abashed in telling her the truth. I told her a very dark secret of mine and she was very understanding about it. But like good friends, she was quick on the lecture. She’s very much dead on and I love her kind honesty.

She’s visiting this year and I can’t wait to see her.


Spending weekend in bed while your friends watch Justin Timberlake strut live a few feet away singing Sexy Back, is soooo not nice. No not Justin and the strutting, but me stuck at home.

The least I can do is get a decent movie the moment I’m all good. Anyone wants to join me? Hey we’re doing Dutch alright?


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