Of Fleetings, Pains and Searches

24 03 2010

Three days of not getting enough sleep and I think I sill need a few days to put up with this.

Earlier, I chanced a nap (instead of lunch) while at work but it was no use, I still feel I have stew for brains. I’ll see if I can move some items around and get some quiet time for myself. Although I highly doubt it, not when I  have too much on my plate … too much in my head.

Yesterday, I dozed off in front of my laptop while researching. Next thing I know, the sleep I thought was enough only registered twenty minutes on the clock. I might have felt rejuvenated but given I had so short a rest I soon found myself weak again.

The problem is, when it’s time to sleep and I mean really sleep for hours. I can’t. So many things run in my head and until I’ve wasted four hours of tossing and turning that’s the only time I start to conk off.

I know, I need meds for this.


Damnit! I’m cutting my nails!

The last time I grew my nails was … was … well, eons ago. So it takes a little getting used to -used to accidentally scratching my own self or poking my own eye.

I love long nails and the girly feeling it gives me but I don’t enjoy getting hurting.


I stared aimlessly at so many faces today. Imagining things that are not there … hoping that things were different.

I need something … someone.




One response

25 03 2010

Take it easy, girl! You have inspired me to write this http://waistline32.wordpress.com/2010/03/25/my-zen/

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