Witch & Wizard

One of the most terrifying things in the world you can never hope to see is your parents, wide-eyed, helpless, and truly scared out of their wits.

My parents. I thought they could protect us from anything. They were different from other parents…so smart, gentle, accepting, knowing…and I could tell at this moment that they knew something Whit and I didn’t.

They know what is going on. And they’re terrified of it, whatever it is.

Witch & Wizard is Wisty and Whit Allgood’s account on how a dystopian world treats their kind; the kind that has extraordinary powers. We find them imprisoned, tortured and sentenced to death because they were born from a Wicccan parents. Soon they will learn that they are prophesized to end the reign of the New Order and The One Who Is The One.

I didn’t enjoy Witch & Wizard much. The whole book came to me like an overstretched introduction of an intended series. It could not stand by itself and the characters are just way too shallow for my understanding and appreciation.

I wanted to like it, I really do. But when you realize that the story is too weak to come across as compelling and worthy you forget that you started this book with enthusiasm. This may have been a young adult novel but I’ve read so many lits under that genre and its substance was just too trivial and frail to even be categorized under that.

Upon closing the book, the words superficial and thin came to mind, funny when it’s 320 pages long. This should just be demoted to children’s novel. Then again I think of Neil Gaiman; he wrote many a children’s novel but it was never this blah.


Witch & Wizard

Written by James Patterson (of Daniel X fame) and Gabrielle Charbonnet

Published by Random House Group

ISBN 978-0-09-954367-1


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