My Wrench

15 03 2010

Last week was utterly testy. Suffice it to say, I can live my life without the jaded days of March 3 to 12.

My temper was at its ultimate helplessness and the slightest provocation sends me to a tizzy. To cap it all off, I got the most most most appalling news by Friday. I was close to scratching anyone’s car from hood to tail with my own nails … it was that, or I resort to decking unsuspecting people. I swear this was one of those days you do not cross me or I’ll bite your head (clean) off. It also made me miss my kickboxing class. Ahh the freedom to vent by hitting, so nice.

The gathering of inconsolable weather, asthma attack, thoughtless people, dim-witted bratty agents, lack of sleep, sweating soon after you leave your cold bath and inauspicious chances just sent me off to a vat of putrid rile. I even got touchy with my mom when she asked if she looked fat with her new top. Jeez.

I want to be a little kinder.  Not for anyone else’s sake but for me. I don’t want to croak because of a busted blood vessel or have a heart attack. And I am very much aware that this does not do well with any good juju that might want to come to me.

But the world is just pissing me off.

If you ask me now, I still am clearly inconsolable. One foul event after another is enough and I was never famous for being tolerant. I need to go away … better yet I need my friends. The (true) kind that consoles me, makes me calm and the kind wherein I don’t have to put my edit button on because my problem might offend them. The problem is they are all either so far right now or just too busy.

I’m still hoping for the road to rise my way. That and only that, can alleviate my temper – so come on universe, throw me a bone!




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