Conflicted Tongue

Funny thing, trying to get a girls attention.

Although I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to the deuce it dance, there would still be times wherein I can’t identify if I’m being hit on. That just happened a few hours ago from a night out with a friend.

We were at Starbucks when out of nowhere this young Asian guy approached us and introduced himself. He was very foreign by his looks and he had a very uncommon name (so I forgot what it is) yet he looked quite charming, and no “Dang he’s creepy!” alarm came off in my head. But for the sake of the story being told, let’s call him Sam.

According to Sam he’s an exchange student trying to learn my language. And with his compliant dictionary in hand, he tried to translate the following:




My friend was able to put the words together and recapitulated that Sam was asking if I like to eat Sushi. I said yes and given the language barrier our chat consisted of me apologizing most of the time for not understanding. He was constantly pleasant during the very short conversation but was obviously straining to get his thoughts across. And the thought was, according to my friend, he (perhaps) would like to ask you out.

When the lady and the gentleman from the other table started snickering at his impoverished approach to perhaps take me and my friend out to dinner, he went back to his table (back to his friend who had a huge smile on his face) and maybe explain his failure to bait us.

A few minutes later, Sam and his friend stood up to leave and gave us a cheery goodbye.

So there I was, wishing I picked up the signal a little faster and possibly get to know him better. Why? Just for the heck of it and it’s not everyday I get to catch an exchange student’s attention.  Wink. Also, maybe because I’m good with the two language I know, I can probably teach them a thing or two so no city shark takes advantage of them.

Oh well.


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