Odd and the Frost Giants

There was no trepidation on my part when I picked up Odd And The Frost Giants. I was well aware that it’s a children’s book but because a grandmaster story teller penned it, to hesitate is to be completely daft.

Odd is a young crippled boy who decided to leave his village. After stealing dried salmon and his dead father’s axe, he walks into the forest to perhaps live off the land. But something enchanted unexpectedly met him. There he finds three exiled gods in the form of an eagle, a fox and a bear. Realizing that his new found friends are in a pickle he settled on helping them.

Nobody knew what Odd was feeling on the inside. Nobody knew what he thought. And, in a village on the banks of a fjord, where everybody knew everybody’s business. That was infuriating.

Odd and The Frost Giants is a short delightful read. It weaves Norse Mythology into the plot and its quirky approach is both refreshing and shapely for any readers. It cuts out the tedium mostly associated with mythology and it allows a wispy lesson to pass through – honestly to ones self and to others.

It’s quite a treat.


Written by The Graveyard Book author Neil Gaiman

Illustrated by A Series Of Unfortunate Events fame Brett Helquist

ISBN 978-0747595380


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