Tired Runnings

I’ve been running all over like crazy for eleven straight days.

I had work up to my nose, errands to run, people to meet and a life to sustain. I can’t even think straight right now. It was a literal mad dash from one thing to another and a nap in between a whole days activity. Plus I was in no shape to make organized evaluations of items that needed assessments. Thus, those things I have to mull over, I had to take home for the weekends. I’ve been deprived of a decent sleep because of the heat and I’m just no good when I run around on 3 inch heels (note to self: they’re just there to make you look pretty… sit down girl). If my certitude to survive wasn’t so strong, I would’ve just slumped to a corner, pretended I had no deadlines and called someone for comfort.

By Wednesday morning, the middle of the week, on my way home and perhaps to a decent meal, I was walking dead on my feet. I can’t be like this all the time …

Boy I need a vacation or I’m going to get sick soon.

Currently listening to Scar Tissue by Red Hot Chili Peppers via Launchcast


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