Evolution Of Monkeys

Manila City Traffic: A normal fucked-up situation that every Filipino think is normal. Gawd, you should see how proud some people are when they say to foreigners they can’t drive here unless they have a death wish. It’s pathetic.

They’re accosted by their blatant ignorance they’re defined retarded. Put Bayani Fernando in power for goodness sake (and I mean that). He’ll whip your ass to discipline like he was your daddy. It’s just sad, a man finds the urgent need to put stupid pink barriers so people will get the message that they can’t just do anything they want on the streets – like, hmm I don’t know, prance around like vehicles are not speeding towards them a hundred miles an hour. Hey! Will please someone tell them that just because they’re flaming idiots doesn’t mean they’re impervious to getting mushed like a pudding. And car paints are expensive. Ay caramba!

If you’re so damn good in assimilating Americans why can’t you assimilate this simple idea of following traffic rules?  Honestly people, you either are a forward thinker or you’re just into pop and pretending you’re educated.

F-ing stop spitting anywhere you want, stop walking in your neighborhood wearing boxers, find a job, no pedestrian crossing in the freeway, don’t park your car in the busy National street like its your garage, wear a helmet, the world is not your urinal, stay on the right lane, enough yollering in your Magic Sing 24/7 — dang I can go on forever — don’t bring your domestic problems at work, grow up …

Sometimes it get’s soooo funny, I forget to laugh.

Currenlty listening to The Way by Fastball via Launchcast


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