Caught In Between

Have you ever felt so alien about something that you use to know?

Like perhaps riding a bike for the first time in years, or swimming in the ocean after a lifetime of not seeing it, or maybe wearing a dress when a t-shirt and blue jeans use to cut it. These wave of emotions are coming back to me. But it’s not about a bike, the ocean or dresses.

I’ve been talking to this guy, and things that I use to think that are forever gone, are revisiting me again. He mostly brings good stuff, so no worries. The butterfly in my tummy, the unexplained energy to start my day, the need to analyze things, the amount of care when I put my words together and the crazy-beautiful condition that you get when you think about someone else at the beginning of the day.

But all these good are followed by doubt. Mostly to myself and the thought of will he like me too. That, unfortunately stirs the acid in my stomach.

When several things happen at the same time and they tend to be the north and south of every feeling that ever exist, you are more than boggled. Fear almost always creeps in.

I envy the unfeeling.

Currently listening to Counting Blue Cars by Dishwalla via Launchcast


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