Weigh Down

I’m inherently lazy when it comes to exercising.

If I lift anything heavy, it means I’m moving it. But if I’ll be standing there lifting weights for a work out and I look happy about it, that’ll be the day for you to send in a priest.

Right now my dilemma is finding a good dance studio that’s not ridiculously priced and can accommodate my schedule. So far, I haven’t found any. Although I still have a year to achieve my resolution (of getting back to dancing), I want it done soon. Why? Bikinis. Or to be more exact, boyleg and a Moroccan triangle top.

I plan to wear one this summer. Regardless if I wear it and no one sees it, I just want to wear one and see something nice. Someone decent and not seizure inducing.  A friend said I need to tone my muscles. I might have dropped the pounds but I still need to firm up – especially my thunder thighs. Lifting weights is not an option I just need to go back to dancing.

And if you insist lifting is the best and only way to tone perfectly, I’ll pick up a dumbbell alright … just so I can hurl it at you.

Currently listening to Criminal by Fiona Apple via Launchcast


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