Sherlock Holmes (2009)

I promise, this is going to be short.

Given that I’ve been more than a month late for this movie I’m guessing there is no need to build it up. We all know this one brought home the bacon and then some – if you don’t already know, Holmes sat beside Avatar for weeks on end in the box office and it took home a Best Actor on the last Golden Globe.

So what about the movie?

It opens with a carriage, gunshots, a sacrificial virgin, a weirdo in a cape, some very late Bobbies, Watson and Holmes. Case solved: bad guy to the noose.

But our protagonist is in a rut and his good buddy is out to be engaged. His life can’t be anymore miserable. He needs another hit, another case and some light inside his room. Then suddenly the guy they sent to his death is back and London is ravaged with terror. The dead is walking and he is believed to be the devil incarnate. With this, our heroes are awoken to another mystery and they’re back in business.

You’d expect no less from Guy Ritchie, that’s for sure. With Lock Stock and Snatch under his belt it’s hard to imagine that he won’t deliver well using a juggernaut of a literature like Sherlock Holmes. The colour: crisp. The pacing: swift and coherent. The musical scoring played with astute panache and the casting brings forth a swagger fitting for a unified ensemble.

Some may argue that it’s not as accessible as they hoped it would be – they say Downey’s accent was a tad incomprehensible – but it was equally spectacular (if I should say so myself). Audacious too, that Downey donned a character we thought is so far removed from him. The funny knockabout portrayal of Watson and Holmes friendship does give us a hint of something more but we’ll leave that to everyone’s interpretation. To sum up their tandem, it was very much fitting; usually, sidekicks are well, shadowed. In this case, they slugged around in the screen like it was top billed by both.

Suffice to say, Sherlock Holmes is a riot. It may have come chaotic to some but the rest of the pie serves its entertainment value. And for sure, that slice proved a feast.



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