Wha Huh?!

Okay, wrap your head around this: Sam Worthington (yeah, Jake Sully) is Count Dracula.

Or, will be Count Dracula, that is.

What a total head trip huh? Whodathunk that our new Hollywood It-Boy is also the new Hollywood Go-To Guy?  It seems our Next-Big-(Aussie)-Star is trying on a Count’s cape and after checking the, uhm, odd news in IMDb I was beginning to get iffy. Isn’t there any other project out there for him?

Right now I’m hoping that Sam doesn’t go down like Tom Cruise. I mean he got as good as Jerry Maguire and it was downhill from there. He got so commercial he was combustible in anything that he gets himself into. After all the hype, he was just some big name without — well I’m sure you know what I mean.

But let’s go back to Mr. Golden Boy. Really? Is this serious? If it was, they said that it’ll tell the story of a damned Prince. That this is going to be more of a prequel than the obvious Bram Stoker bloke who’s completely strange and perverted. That it’ll have tons of fight scenes set during the Ottoman Empire. It’ll be helmed by Alex Proyas (Knowing and Dark City) and its POV will be a mix of history and romance. That last two bit, I’d go for but the rest of the dodgy package, I think I would have to let mellow. If you can’t channel my argument on why this is a tad dicey, I’d like you to ponder over this:

Where does this,

fit on this?

But that’s just me. I think I’m still going to support it since I can always shrug off the weirdness, I’m kinda good at that. Also, as long as he doesn’t start sparkling; that gig’s taken you know.


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