A Monumental Comment‏

… to a monumental waste.

I Love You, Goodbye is one of those torpid, needlessly glum movies where nothing happens for the first 100 minutes, then in the last 15 there is a series of absurd revelations that strain all credulity. It is as if the head of production (or since this is a Star Cinema product, a creative committee) reviewed the footage and said, “Nothing’s happening, just end it now.”

A celebrated writer wrote and published this statement and I couldn’t agree more.

Sad to say, this is really how Star Cinema conjures their product. A pool of writers, a head prick to tell you you can’t write, and a pin-up writer to have his name plastered on the big screen. With all their hubris and brains they still manufacture lame movies that are almost always a rehash of a famous western film.

Apart from paying shit for salary, their aimless and constant brainstorming just so they can embellish a foreign film drives me bonkers. Originality is a rarity in this production. If you push to pedal your own original story, you are both bizarre and a headache — considered unproductive. Some would argue that we are in no position to criticize when we ourselves haven’t written and produced anything. But we sure hell haven’t perpetually produced a film widely panned by people with brains … that I’d rather have. I trust that there are budding writers that are simply magnificent but because an enormous commercial machine is riding on their back, they are forced to degrade their art and skill to something idiot-Inday (stupid housemaid) can understand.

Go ahead Jessica Zafra tell them how lousy they are. And can you also write about how insipid MMFF is? Because it is.


I saw the the Golden Globes a couple of days ago and I was so stoked for having my bet win two big awards. One for Best Director-Motion Picture and second for Best Picture Motion Picture-Drama. I was rooting for them, not only because I’m a huge James Cameron and Sam Worthington fan but also because I genuinely believe they did a spectacular job that far exceeds their competition.

Wooohoo for Avatar! I can’t wait for the DVD.

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