A Sudden Urge

The plan was to grab lunch and buy a shirt with a Rage Against The Machine print on it … you know? the 90’s rock band.

Why? It’ll be a long day for me given that I’ll be taking home some work and the other one is simply to satisfy my fits of nostalgia. So I dashed as fast as I could in order to moderate my time to put some space between assignments (some reviews from November of last year to present, a separate review for the first two weeks of January, an excel tracker for some metrics and some notes to add on my to do list) and in no time, I was at the mall. Ate, trudged around to look for my shirt, then learned that even if there is a Rage Against The Machine shirt, they didn’t have it on my size. They have this obtuse belief that chicks don’t dig good music. Oh well.

So I continued to walk, to perhaps be distracted off my need to get a 90’s band shirt — you can blame that hankering from Launchcast’s 1990’s Station. I skimmed from shop to shop and tried on some cute swim wears. A few minutes later, when I was about to go home empty handed, I saw this.

Sweet yeah? First glimpse was all it took for me to feel the need to take it home. Now I can’t wait to launch it together with a new Boot Cut jeans I got.

I also tried it on a skirt and it struts quite fine. Now I’m thinking of getting me a new (little) black dress to match my new weight (still not on target though). I haven’t gotten around appropriate clothes shopping for a while so I’ll squeeze that in between my usual crazies. Nothing fancy or over the top; I figured, the goal is to focus attention on the shoes.

I really like it a lot. Its dead-set feminine and it’s always nice to be girlie even when you’re wearing a pantsuit.

Currently listening to Wild Night by John Mellencamp via Launchcast


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