The Rich, The Middle Class and the Delusional

The rich don’t say much about themselves.

So if I meet someone saying he has a trust fund and the topic just came out of the blue, I’ll start doubting. And start thinking, “this guy needs attention”.

I had the most unfortunate of luck meeting one. What aggravates it is I have to work with him. With the very little time I spent with, let’s call him Delusional, I concluded that he must have been fascinated with the rich and thought that he can be fascinating if he becomes one. Operative word: Become. Therefore, Delusional is not.

What boggles me is, why does he feel the need to impress people around him with non-existent wealth?

I was raised frugally by my parents and I will admit I look up to those who have more than what I have. I think they live interesting lives and they talk funny.  But the pretentious portrayal of building oneself to be considered a member of the elite — is never really my thing. Why? Simple: (1) I can’t afford it, (2) I don’t intend to have a nose bleed at all times, (3) I try not to look stupid and (4) figuring out what goes inside the head of the rich people is a thesis I’m not willing to take.

So me, the middle class me, continues to wonder why Delusional keeps advertising he has this much when he owes co-workers money.

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3 thoughts on “The Rich, The Middle Class and the Delusional

  1. Ey Jean How are you?

    hehehehehe Its been a while since we last see each othe yeah for this person he needs a medical treatment ” Brain Surgery would be best for this person”

    just passing thru see you around…


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