A Good Flogging

5 01 2010

First day of the work week and first for the year, I lost my temper.

I have a trouble employee and for the longest time I’ve been holding myself back  in order to keep him in line and not go overboard in teaching him how to do his job. But something gave and I had to let him know that I did not appreciate his existence in my business.

What happened was, I sent my team an encouraging message via text on how I would like our Monday to start… just the customary pep talk. He on the other hand, felt the need to include a piece of his rotten cents and decided to say the most inane thing: To have faith in your colleague is a mark of a true leader.

Given that my ability to understand comments like this is wide and deep, my conclusion is that: he is saying I don’t have faith (in my team who’s number 1 for two months running) and I don’t have a mark of a true leader.

So the most normal and human thing to feel (for me) is anger. Especially if you know that you have more salts worth than he does. So I replied: Faith? What do you know about faith? Every time I call you to look at your work you always conclude that you fail. Don’t tell me when and what to text my team, last I checked it’s my prerogative. And about the ‘true leader’ comment, I’ve never been demoted and I’ve sustained a good spot many a times. Next time think before you raise any statement, you are not dealing with a simpleton. You don’t like the way I run and say things, the door is wide open for you to check your options. Suffice it to say I did not appreciate your message.

And that was that.

To a point it was indeed brainless of him. Why? Well like I said he’s a problem agent who needs a baby sitter in order for him to do the right thing. Failure after failure, he continues to succeed in ditching accountability. And for him to comment something astoundingly insensitive and uncalled for escapes me. I mean come on, where does he get off saying these things? I’ve once asked him the thought provoking question when was the last time it was your fault? Unfortunately that statement seemed to fly pass him or he simply did not understand. I’ve been hearing comments from his co-employees about his nonsensical bragging, which they take to be very annoying and out of place. That I let fly, thinking he just needed the attention. But on top of it he feels he is contributing to the team in truth he is not. Not by a long shot via my measure.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m no Nazi in running a team. I do call for efficiency and a days work for a days pay. Yet I allow them to be themselves and I join them for time outs. But he must have forgotten who I am and what he is in the organization. He is a Rank and File, while I am his boss; therefore one is called to respect the position at all times. I’m under the impression he blurred the lines of colleague and buddies.

But let us not discount the fact that he might just be really thick. Thick enough to say this to a person who has the final say if he stays with the company or not and the oaf thinks that I will let it pass. Well sorry, after I get mad, I most definitely get even.

He can bark all he wants but at the end of the day I hold the gavel … and it will be heavy at that.




One response

18 01 2010

yan ang namimiss ko sayo TL eh… you are one of the TLs i will never forget in TELETECH.. ^_^

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