Hey Ya!

I have a new favorite thing …

I like to walk around holding my new 2010 planner. It seems to be sitting in my arms comfortably and full of purpose. Apart from the calendar, I get to have a space for my monthly expenses – which is an ingredient for this year’s resolution. Via this new tool, it will definitely be a breeze to keep track of my schedule and money.

It also allows me to pen unexpected thoughts that may or may not be gibberish (like this one). It’ll help me track ideas that I can put in this blog and perhaps create a skeleton of strategy for both work and fun.


How was your Holidays?

Mine was okay; spent grocery shopping and cooking. Given that I now work for a bank account, I get to enjoy the festivities at home.

I ate and drank a lot too. But no stress, I have the entire year to shed all the calories and it’s not everyday it turns 2010 you know.

I’m just really looking forward to a better year. The previous one just topped one of my worse and the things that spun out of control that are beyond my power to stop (or limit) still, to this day either haunts or angers me.

Bad juju.


Soooo what to do, what to do?

Although I never run out of must do, I’m usually a little short on fun to do. Can’t wait to be dancing and can’t wait to be earning.

Wanna watch a movie but the stupid MMFF is still on


Sorry for the gibberish. Still inebriated.

Watching Hollywood Forbes Top 10 over bottles of Vodka Ice


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