Sherlock Holmes (2009)

I promise, this is going to be short.

Given that I’ve been more than a month late for this movie I’m guessing there is no need to build it up. We all know this one brought home the bacon and then some – if you don’t already know, Holmes sat beside Avatar for weeks on end in the box office and it took home a Best Actor on the last Golden Globe.

So what about the movie?

It opens with a carriage, gunshots, a sacrificial virgin, a weirdo in a cape, some very late Bobbies, Watson and Holmes. Case solved: bad guy to the noose.

But our protagonist is in a rut and his good buddy is out to be engaged. His life can’t be anymore miserable. He needs another hit, another case and some light inside his room. Then suddenly the guy they sent to his death is back and London is ravaged with terror. The dead is walking and he is believed to be the devil incarnate. With this, our heroes are awoken to another mystery and they’re back in business.

You’d expect no less from Guy Ritchie, that’s for sure. With Lock Stock and Snatch under his belt it’s hard to imagine that he won’t deliver well using a juggernaut of a literature like Sherlock Holmes. The colour: crisp. The pacing: swift and coherent. The musical scoring played with astute panache and the casting brings forth a swagger fitting for a unified ensemble.

Some may argue that it’s not as accessible as they hoped it would be – they say Downey’s accent was a tad incomprehensible – but it was equally spectacular (if I should say so myself). Audacious too, that Downey donned a character we thought is so far removed from him. The funny knockabout portrayal of Watson and Holmes friendship does give us a hint of something more but we’ll leave that to everyone’s interpretation. To sum up their tandem, it was very much fitting; usually, sidekicks are well, shadowed. In this case, they slugged around in the screen like it was top billed by both.

Suffice to say, Sherlock Holmes is a riot. It may have come chaotic to some but the rest of the pie serves its entertainment value. And for sure, that slice proved a feast.



Wha Huh?!

Okay, wrap your head around this: Sam Worthington (yeah, Jake Sully) is Count Dracula.

Or, will be Count Dracula, that is.

What a total head trip huh? Whodathunk that our new Hollywood It-Boy is also the new Hollywood Go-To Guy?  It seems our Next-Big-(Aussie)-Star is trying on a Count’s cape and after checking the, uhm, odd news in IMDb I was beginning to get iffy. Isn’t there any other project out there for him?

Right now I’m hoping that Sam doesn’t go down like Tom Cruise. I mean he got as good as Jerry Maguire and it was downhill from there. He got so commercial he was combustible in anything that he gets himself into. After all the hype, he was just some big name without — well I’m sure you know what I mean.

But let’s go back to Mr. Golden Boy. Really? Is this serious? If it was, they said that it’ll tell the story of a damned Prince. That this is going to be more of a prequel than the obvious Bram Stoker bloke who’s completely strange and perverted. That it’ll have tons of fight scenes set during the Ottoman Empire. It’ll be helmed by Alex Proyas (Knowing and Dark City) and its POV will be a mix of history and romance. That last two bit, I’d go for but the rest of the dodgy package, I think I would have to let mellow. If you can’t channel my argument on why this is a tad dicey, I’d like you to ponder over this:

Where does this,

fit on this?

But that’s just me. I think I’m still going to support it since I can always shrug off the weirdness, I’m kinda good at that. Also, as long as he doesn’t start sparkling; that gig’s taken you know.

Coffee Shop Scribbles

This morning, after getting official word that Avatar finally decided to nudge Titanic off its top spot, I took a beeline to the closest theater that has 3D. Now, sitting at a coffee shop sipping my honeyed Earl Grey tea, I can say that the novelty hasn’t faded. It still is a kick-ass movie and I think it’ll be that way for a long loooong time.

This is going to be my second, and hopefully not the last, viewing. I still haven’t seen it in 2D and given that I’m running out of time (they will soon take it off circulation for newer films), I feel I have to have it on my calendar soon.

The final tally (in dollar amount) will come in Tuesday evening US time.


I currently have four unread books sitting on my shelf. Just enough to last me until (perhaps) May — dang, I would read  twice as much if I wasn’t so darn lazy.

I have the new novels written by Audrey Niffenegger and Elizabeth Kostova; both lengthy novels that would need proper time management. The other two –  written by Neil Gaiman and James Patterson, can be safely and comfortably tackled during one of my weekends. Actually, if I’m a good girl, I can cover all four by the end of March. Given I still have five to eight more on my purchase list, I acknowledge that I do have to get a move on.


Do you remember me pining about a little black dress? Well I finally got one and it’s so pretty.

I just hope it’ll still be pretty on me, too.

There isn’t any special occasion to tell you honestly. I just felt the need to get one, well because I’m a girl. And sometimes, girls just like to buy pretty dresses. I promise myself that I’ll wear it on my engagement party.

But first, allow me to hunt a man for that occasion. LOL.


Enough of these musings … hmm, musings. Why does that word hang in my tongue like I was supposed to do something about it. Why, oh why? Hmm … oh shoot! Now I get it. Me, Mona and Ayie are supposed to be putting up a blog with that name. Muse and Musings, that was what we agreed on. And we were supposed to be discussing more of it over Skype.

I can’t believe I’ve been so inattentive with my comings and goings. This is an important project, how the hell did I manage to forget it?

I can be an awful friend sometimes.


I’ve just gone and finished reading a book.

In between writing these thoughts down, thinking about a guy with an accent, sipping my tea, calculating my expenses for the past few days, and watching people type away in their laptops (I’m doing this article old school — pen and paper), I finished reading a book.

I may or may not write a review about it but I wanted you to know it was very good. Now I suddenly feel I have to write two book reviews (one I finished yesterday and this) … for readers that may or may not exist.


A calm day; I need more of these.

The kind that does not clutch itself on deadlines. The kind that can while away inside a coffee shop that plays lite music. The kind that isn’t toxic, infuriating, hodgepodged, and unbelievably fast it can’t be described as living but coping. To some degree, I now understand why people like hanging out at coffee shops.

But first off, I should do this more often. Write long-hand, I mean.

Although my laptop have provided me with numerous  assistance, it still can’t beat the eternal power of the physical hand to pen and pen to paper. To where the world is at  this has now become a rarity. I don’t even know anyone who writes their journal/ diary via paper. And that’s saying a lot coming from someone who use to be surrounded by writers in dire need of therapy.

Sit on this one if you will. Do you know anyone who comes in a coffee shop armed with pen and paper with a sincere intent for cursive?

Write down an assignment, a letter (to be sent via post — something I also want to talk about), a research, a plan, a grocery list, daily expenses, a simple note etc. Some of you will say yes, but it’ll be very few. On your next coffee shop visit, sit there a little longer than you usually do and you will find out that I do have a case. Count the number of laptop (or any electronic writing device) versus pen and paper.

Note to self: At least now you have a reason purpose to sit for long hours at a coffee shop: Long hand and spelling. God knows how lousy you are with spelling.

A Volunteer’s After Thought

Before I headed off to my weekend, I signed up to volunteer. I’ve volunteered before, but it was nothing like Hope For Haiti Now.

First, I really felt like I was a part of something important. Something big and good. And then, there’s the amount of money people are willing and very much happy to give. There was one donor who commented after I said thank you, that if he had more he would give more but he was a family man currently in need of a job. That, in itself, spoke magnitude of how people, in the precipice of humanity, is willing to share.

I did it for free and the time, oh the dear precious time I gave taking in call after call in order to bridge their donations, sure felt great. Usually people would rather just go out and have fun on a Friday night (especially soon after pay day) but I saw faces in the crowd that instead of partying their disposable money away, sat and looked at a monitor to read verbiages, punched keys away and assured callers that their help means a whole lot than they would ever know. Somehow they can say to themselves that they too can make a difference. At least, for me I felt that.

What’s also noticeable was the smiles I see and hear from each volunteers voices. I think it still exist in humans, that innate kindness and unexplainable bond to souls that none of them have met. A few minutes later an encouraging voice said we all needed to pick up the pace, to take more calls in less time. Why? Because just in our centre, we have 2000 calls waiting in queue. And that’s just in our small centre, how about the hundred satellites we have scattered all over– the world was calling in to help. And we can’t be happier.

I went home, felt happy and at the same time proud, knowing that help is on its way and I hoped that there was more of this goodness happening in the word. It’s true that you actually get more when you give.

It just hurts to know that as much as we can be kind, we can also be horribly cruel. That if we can be united we can also be so divided that war is almost always one of the choices we consider. It’s sad that it takes a magnitude 7.0 earthquake to remind us this.

MTV “Hope for Haiti Now” Telethon‏

I am taking phone calls on Friday, January 22 ,between 6pm to 11:30 pm Mountain Time to help the victims of the Haiti disaster.

Last September, I was devastated by a powerful typhoon that brought a record breaking downpour. In twenty four hours, the entire city sank in the floods. I lost so much of what I own. Soon after, I was sent help and the people around me got help, too.  Now I’d like to pay it forward.

I am encouraging everyone to watch MTV this Friday and the numbers you can dial to send in your assistance will be flashed on your screen. I will be one of the voices who will volunteer for this endeavor. Together with the help of the company I work for, we will be sending all relief to Oxam America, Red Cross, Unicef, Partners in Health and the Yele Haiti Foundation. And for those who are outside U.S. you can log on to MTV.COM for more information.

I hope to talk to you soon. Let’s take care of each other.

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