The Resolved and Unresolved of 2009

If you’re alive and have decided to just slug it around until the fat lady sings, you know that life doesn’t stop for anyone. So what better to do than plan while you’re at it. That above anything else, is the reason why I wrote this.

A year ago, I thought of a resolution; I felt the need since I wanted something new to do for the New Year. So here I am reflecting again on things past and what I can perhaps add to it for the future.

First off, success:

I wanted to be a little healthier. Lose a bit of weight and drink more water. That I think I did just fine. I managed to lose some pounds (save for the Holidays; I allowed myself to just eat and the dieting resumes as soon as me and my family consumes every bit of leftover in the fridge) and I made a point to skip on sodas so I have water on my table a good percent of the time. I also tried my hands – and feet – in kickboxing and that too, even if short lived, I think is good.

Then comes the undone:

The bad thing is I haven’t cut my carbs. Love them to death and cutting it off is just too scary. The year of trying have allowed me to accept the fact that there really is no letting go. What I can only do is manage it in small portions – which I’ve been doing.

And that’s that for 2009. Below are things I hope to accomplish for 2010:

  • Continue with my diet. It seems to be working without the customary “going insane” part because of starvation. If I carry on with the discipline, I’ll be able to bring myself closer to my ideal weight of 120lbs around April or May.
  • Get more check ups for anything and everything in my system. Let’s put teeth, eyes, ears and tummy on top of the list. This won’t be difficult given that a new hospital is about to open at The Fort (St. Luke’s) and I think I want to try their brand new facilities.
  • Go back to dancing. Yeah, this part is going to be a little more difficult given my work load. But I sure will go down trying if it’s the last thing I do.
  • Monitor all my expenses. I’ve been living with a few excess and if I can track every penny that leaves my bank account I can at least put a perspective in what I’m losing. But let’s not include shoes here … it’s like carbs, my total kryptonite. Instead I’ll keep it to a limit. Note to self: create an excel file as a tracker or better yet, prepare a sheet in your planner so you can write it down as soon as it gets debited.
  • Go on vacation. Need I say more? This has always been on the list. I think once a year timeout is always muy healthy.

Overall I wish to make the right and smart choices this year. Apart from continuing with the good things I left off from 2009 I hope to start more fruitful things. At the same time, apart from health, I am looking into safety. I’ve had two close calls this year and I do not intend to let it happen again.

So that’s my New Year’s Resolution. I hope all of you have a good one and may this year bring you more success and happiness.

Until next year! Ta-ta!

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