I don’t know if I’ve told you this but I’m still waiting/ looking/ hoping for Mr. Right to come my way.

I’m letting my life run its course without stressing about it as much but sometimes something happens. A sort of timeout from the waiting … someone out of the blue will say, “I didn’t know you looked this pretty when you’re angry.”

I really didn’t know why he said that but as soon as he did I gave him a smile and walked away. I didn’t want him to think I noticed so I shrugged it off like nothing. Soon after turning my back I realized what one of my friends told me, “you unknowingly intimidate people.” My nonchalant approach to a compliment, was that what she meant? The unconcerned response, the very cool way I walked away from it and my “I hear that all the time” pose, was that what daunts them?

I think a game is currently being set. I just wonder if I’m going to play it.


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