The alarm went off like a shot gun in a windowless room. What the!

When I stirred, I felt my aching muscles under my skin. I woke up in the same position I slept in. Damn how tired was I? Stupid backaches.  Sleeping on one position for six hours signifies I’ve thoroughly emptied my battery; that even as simple as involuntarily moving in my sleep became nonexistent. 

Prior Christmas, I’ve been going home from work (errands, shopping, site visit,parties and whatnots) dead on my feet. My aching and the slowly darkening circles around my eyes – whom a friend pointed out anxiously – are sure indications that I need to slow down a bit.  What to do?

Would I rather just skip these things and let my stress level rise in my head? Nah. I’d rather get so tired than have a spot of bother running endlessly in my head.

Now where did I put my painkillers?


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