What I Want

Mona once asked me what I wanted. She’s so generous but what I want she really can’t buy and she knows that in her heart. Same with Ayie and the very many people who cares for me.

But while we’re at the topic of what I want, why not I tell you of what you can give. 

1.) Tower Records Black Synthetic Leather CD Case – growing up, I’ve always been a Tower Records girl. And the moment I was able to earn my own money I invested on two huge CD cases that I’ve stuffed with my collections. But after they’ve closed, my DVDs and CDs have increased but I don’t have anymore cases. I miss this company so.

2.) Dance Lessons – I use to dance. But as soon as I started off with the real world that took a back seat and soon it was no more. Now, after losing a bit of weight (from 155 lbs to 136lbs) I want to firm up. Sorry but you can’t make me exercise if its that last thing you do. However, you sure hell can make me dance anytime.

 3.) Bookshelf – I want the heavy, dark brown, six feet kind. After the flood, I directed my money to replacing the things we lost and although it pains me to use the money for a custom made shelf (that I’ve already been quoted and reserved for), I knew that there are other appliances that’s more important than a bookshelf.

 4.) PowerBooks Gift Certificate – books makes me happy, makes me cry, makes me angry, makes me scared, makes me wonder, makes me wander, makes me anxious and did I tell you that it ultimately makes me happy? I love to read. And yes, I may be able to go buy it myself but I would love to get some more.

 5.) Leather Jacket – the synthetic non-shiny one that is slightly less heavy than the usual will do. I was going to buy one in Mango but after realizing how absurd the price is, I placed it back in its hanger and stashed my wanting to my dreams drawer. How sad.

I swear I’ve been a good girl this year, I just hope I was good enough for my wish list. 

Merry Christmas!


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