Got Tickets

For Avatar that is.

It took time before I got one, because of my work load and my side of the globe only has two IMAX 3D theatre house. And both (on opposite direction) are around an hour and a half commute from my place. Oh well, at least I have the money to pay for it.

Talk about money – it’s expensive! If I wasn’t so hung up in finding what the hubbub is all about I won’t be buying. Mind, you I’m taking my mom and brother too.

For those who have plans in booking their tickets, don’t forget to call first. Because you can’t just walk in there and announce “I’m watching, here’s my money!” First it will entail you to call in for the schedule (which beats the purpose of posting it online), verbally confirm that you want that certain date and time, check for seats, then they will give you a confirmation number that you have to bring to any cinemas of their choice for you to pay for it. Note: Pay for it – the real tickets can only be claimed on the date of viewing. Duh!

And yeah, they don’t accept payment through phone and online. Bummer.

So that extra trip to a nearby mall is such a hassle for me. I mean come on, do I not live in the 21st century? Do I not have a powerful credit card that’s begging to be spent? Do I not have access to the internet and the ever reliable telephone? Alas, our IMAX theatre here don’t care. If you mean to spend a little fortune to catch a state of the art film, you have to haul your sweet bum and do it their (ridiculous) way.

So to keep the long gripe short, I got the tickets today and I’ll see it on Tuesday. This movie better be worth it or someone’s going to get an earful.


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