Bye Denim

15 12 2009

Yesterday my dog died.

His name was Denim and he was 4 years old and 10 months. He is a full bred Labrador that is as tall as me when he’s standing. I did not know he’s sick but mom  found him lying on his side and not breathing in his pen yesterday morning.

He had a shiny black fur with a white spot in his chest. He was nice, sweet and very obedient.  His only vice was chewing on plastic pails. I know deep within me, I’ve never taken care of him as much as he would want me to, save when he was a pup – but I gave my best. I believe while he was sick he did not see me for days on end because I was away for work. How he died I would never know. But he was always sickly.

They say all dogs go to heaven and I hope he is there. Free to run in wide open spaces, playing catch with his new master and just staying safe and never hungry.

I will miss him. He was a good dog.




2 responses

15 12 2009


i am sorry to hear about your dog’s death. i’m sure you have cared for him as much as you can.

18 01 2010

im so sorry TL… we all know kung gano mo kamahal ang dog mo…

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