Fist to Face

11 12 2009

Have you ever thought of just smacking someone bluntly in the face?

I have. When I was little girl my dad gave me permission to smack anyone if they offended me. I think all Dads do that, they want so much to protect their little girls but knowing that they can’t be around a hundred percent of the time, these strong orders take a life of its own.

To take you where I’m driving at, I bloodied a boy by breaking his nose when I was around five or six years old. A square punch in the face was all it took. He pulled my hair and I didn’t appreciate it much, so I made him realize this by letting him see my fist so close to him. Fast forward to today, I want to bloody someone’s nose again. Not a little boy, but a full grown sorry excuse for a human.

If I was to write “sorry excuse for a human’s” failures, you’d be surprised to find out who I’m pertaining to. Plus, I just can’t dedicate an article for that trash. I can only verbalize my wanting to punch … and perhaps kick.

Don’t worry, if I can’t bring myself to do it someone else will … eventually. I mean I’m not the only person who hates “sorry excuse for a human”.

I miss my kickboxing class.




One response

18 01 2010

poor little boy… i wonder if the little boy was rush to the hospital… hehe… ^_^

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