The Resolved and Unresolved of 2009

If you’re alive and have decided to just slug it around until the fat lady sings, you know that life doesn’t stop for anyone. So what better to do than plan while you’re at it. That above anything else, is the reason why I wrote this.

A year ago, I thought of a resolution; I felt the need since I wanted something new to do for the New Year. So here I am reflecting again on things past and what I can perhaps add to it for the future.

First off, success:

I wanted to be a little healthier. Lose a bit of weight and drink more water. That I think I did just fine. I managed to lose some pounds (save for the Holidays; I allowed myself to just eat and the dieting resumes as soon as me and my family consumes every bit of leftover in the fridge) and I made a point to skip on sodas so I have water on my table a good percent of the time. I also tried my hands – and feet – in kickboxing and that too, even if short lived, I think is good.

Then comes the undone:

The bad thing is I haven’t cut my carbs. Love them to death and cutting it off is just too scary. The year of trying have allowed me to accept the fact that there really is no letting go. What I can only do is manage it in small portions – which I’ve been doing.

And that’s that for 2009. Below are things I hope to accomplish for 2010:

  • Continue with my diet. It seems to be working without the customary “going insane” part because of starvation. If I carry on with the discipline, I’ll be able to bring myself closer to my ideal weight of 120lbs around April or May.
  • Get more check ups for anything and everything in my system. Let’s put teeth, eyes, ears and tummy on top of the list. This won’t be difficult given that a new hospital is about to open at The Fort (St. Luke’s) and I think I want to try their brand new facilities.
  • Go back to dancing. Yeah, this part is going to be a little more difficult given my work load. But I sure will go down trying if it’s the last thing I do.
  • Monitor all my expenses. I’ve been living with a few excess and if I can track every penny that leaves my bank account I can at least put a perspective in what I’m losing. But let’s not include shoes here … it’s like carbs, my total kryptonite. Instead I’ll keep it to a limit. Note to self: create an excel file as a tracker or better yet, prepare a sheet in your planner so you can write it down as soon as it gets debited.
  • Go on vacation. Need I say more? This has always been on the list. I think once a year timeout is always muy healthy.

Overall I wish to make the right and smart choices this year. Apart from continuing with the good things I left off from 2009 I hope to start more fruitful things. At the same time, apart from health, I am looking into safety. I’ve had two close calls this year and I do not intend to let it happen again.

So that’s my New Year’s Resolution. I hope all of you have a good one and may this year bring you more success and happiness.

Until next year! Ta-ta!

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I don’t know if I’ve told you this but I’m still waiting/ looking/ hoping for Mr. Right to come my way.

I’m letting my life run its course without stressing about it as much but sometimes something happens. A sort of timeout from the waiting … someone out of the blue will say, “I didn’t know you looked this pretty when you’re angry.”

I really didn’t know why he said that but as soon as he did I gave him a smile and walked away. I didn’t want him to think I noticed so I shrugged it off like nothing. Soon after turning my back I realized what one of my friends told me, “you unknowingly intimidate people.” My nonchalant approach to a compliment, was that what she meant? The unconcerned response, the very cool way I walked away from it and my “I hear that all the time” pose, was that what daunts them?

I think a game is currently being set. I just wonder if I’m going to play it.


The alarm went off like a shot gun in a windowless room. What the!

When I stirred, I felt my aching muscles under my skin. I woke up in the same position I slept in. Damn how tired was I? Stupid backaches.  Sleeping on one position for six hours signifies I’ve thoroughly emptied my battery; that even as simple as involuntarily moving in my sleep became nonexistent. 

Prior Christmas, I’ve been going home from work (errands, shopping, site visit,parties and whatnots) dead on my feet. My aching and the slowly darkening circles around my eyes – whom a friend pointed out anxiously – are sure indications that I need to slow down a bit.  What to do?

Would I rather just skip these things and let my stress level rise in my head? Nah. I’d rather get so tired than have a spot of bother running endlessly in my head.

Now where did I put my painkillers?


By now I’m sure you’ve heard tons of feedback about this movie. Some I think are encouraging and some just gets lost in the sandwich of good-bad-good conditions. So I’m here, after a week of release, to try to make it as simple as I can.

Avatar, for the very many fans like me, is an extravagant, bold and audacious movie that will annoy some, startle others and demonstrate once again that James Cameron is the real thing – or the king of the world, whichever you prefer. Cameron if anything is a visionary director of quixotic delights. For starters, he had to shelf Avatar because the technology to make it still does not exist a decade ago. He had to wait for the Lord of the Rings trilogy to get his queue that he can start the machine. Two, he won’t give specifics on how much was spent because, well, it’s a little too much. There was an obvious wild abandon during production and he sort of just kept creating it from the ground up without any particulars on what his dollar limit is.

Of course nothing in this movie is feasible (yet), save its entertainment. It is teeming with tactile pleasure that somehow resist categorization. The actors don’t chew the scenery, but they thrash it. Each has a broad caricature of their unmistakable nod to whatever stereotype they are playing and somehow it still doesn’t go close to mushy. The iconographic exaggeration sells well given that it will allow the audience to grow into it.

Cameron’s fired up imagination won’t allow anyone to give an immediate opinion about it. I mean, okay this is a story about a distant planet, and then what? This isn’t Star Wars, it most definitely isn’t Predator and even if characters are covered in blue, this definitely isn’t Smurf. Until you get to the movies, wear your 3D glasses and sit the 2 hours and 45 minutes runtime, the punch will not come. And the moment your understanding comes to terms with Cameron’s vision, he will still do it his way. Perhaps that’s the reason why we’re getting mixed signals about how well this film delivered. Conceivably new age, we can’t expect viewers to have an immediate heightened understanding to it. With that I think we can wait.

What we can expect is that Avatar will give its heart completely to the narrative; its hair-trigger suspense tied to something as slight and decisive as a tongue click is magnetic. It’s safe to say that whatever preconceived notion you have for this film is easily thrown away given that the journey is both new and exciting.

Cameron’s Avatar is unashamed but it will still serve its purpose. Expect an extravagant Hollywood treat and a little reminder of what’s most important when you step out of the theatre.

I love this film.


What I Want

Mona once asked me what I wanted. She’s so generous but what I want she really can’t buy and she knows that in her heart. Same with Ayie and the very many people who cares for me.

But while we’re at the topic of what I want, why not I tell you of what you can give. 

1.) Tower Records Black Synthetic Leather CD Case – growing up, I’ve always been a Tower Records girl. And the moment I was able to earn my own money I invested on two huge CD cases that I’ve stuffed with my collections. But after they’ve closed, my DVDs and CDs have increased but I don’t have anymore cases. I miss this company so.

2.) Dance Lessons – I use to dance. But as soon as I started off with the real world that took a back seat and soon it was no more. Now, after losing a bit of weight (from 155 lbs to 136lbs) I want to firm up. Sorry but you can’t make me exercise if its that last thing you do. However, you sure hell can make me dance anytime.

 3.) Bookshelf – I want the heavy, dark brown, six feet kind. After the flood, I directed my money to replacing the things we lost and although it pains me to use the money for a custom made shelf (that I’ve already been quoted and reserved for), I knew that there are other appliances that’s more important than a bookshelf.

 4.) PowerBooks Gift Certificate – books makes me happy, makes me cry, makes me angry, makes me scared, makes me wonder, makes me wander, makes me anxious and did I tell you that it ultimately makes me happy? I love to read. And yes, I may be able to go buy it myself but I would love to get some more.

 5.) Leather Jacket – the synthetic non-shiny one that is slightly less heavy than the usual will do. I was going to buy one in Mango but after realizing how absurd the price is, I placed it back in its hanger and stashed my wanting to my dreams drawer. How sad.

I swear I’ve been a good girl this year, I just hope I was good enough for my wish list. 

Merry Christmas!