Actions and Reasons

I write to remember.

Someday when my body has taken its long journey, when the lines on my face shows years of life handled and my mind has taken its stretched flight – that may or may not make me forget – I will need something to remind me that I once tried to live every moment possible. That as much as I can, I aimed to take in as much of life can offer and I did the things I liked the most without pretence or hesitation.

And today is a good day to write them down. Because after running this month at full speed I have passed a handful of dates that I would like to remember when I am grey. Days that are simple but entirely worthwhile and happy.

I had two good Saturday’s for November and because I had so much in my plate, I could not find the time to write about it. First it was a dinner with Reb (he refuses to be called Bernard, for reason’s I think is silly), Arlyn and Jen at Tender Bob’s in Shangri-La. For appetizers, I had Artichoke and Spinach Dip followed by their Tomato Soup. I can do without the soup (since it was a little too salty for my taste) but I thoroughly enjoyed the Dip. It was subtle at first but the flavour gradually introduced itself. By then the four of us are dipping away. I noted that in the event I return, I will order this again without hesitation. For my main course, I had Tropical Salmon. It was just like every other grilled salmon I’ve had only this was served elegantly.

After a hearty meal, Arlyn and Jen had to run to their dates so me and Reb walked our meal off and eventually headed to Starbucks. Enjoying my peppermint mocha, he talked about his life while he smoked, who he is and what makes him happy. Me on the other hand, talked about my frustrations at work and how I feel my life is going round in circles. With our little conversation, I learned that Reb is very smart, kind and a good listener. Some of the things that came out of his mouth are pretty quotable and I like that he never diminishes my problems as useless fits of the sullen.

He did not keep me long. We parted before midnight and I was happy to realize that in that little window of interlude, I got my reprieve.

A week later it was time to meet with my best friend Ayie. It was a long time coming given that both of us are buried neck deep with work. However, both of us could not keep it off anymore; we needed to celebrate me and Mona’s birthday (do the math: a week before = me. A week after = Mona). We met at my building then commuted to Shangri-La and took a beeline to Claw Daddy. We had corn for appetizers and immediately picking it off its cob, we jumped to each others updates. Laughing and swapping funny stories we then ordered pepperoni and cheese pizza, rustic carbonara, two glasses of 7 Up and a HUGE Thypoon Shelter Deep Crab that nearly broke the budget.

It was a blast eating with our hands and taking pictures with our huge bib (just like when you eat lobsters). But we soon realized that as much as we’d like to devour everything, we can only eat as much. So after an hour, we called for our bill (that topped all my bills for all eat out I’ve had in my entire life) and had the rest packed so I can take them home. Then we walked it off (I went to Powerbooks to grab a Marcus Sedwick novel and she went to the hardware). When we could not find any nice clothes to buy, I took out our movie tickets and asked her if we can already go so we can still watch the movie trailers.

Eating our Singapore Sling and Rum chocolates, I remembered how thankful I am for having her around. That even if we barely see each other, the few times we do are marked with genuine friendship and the familiarity never wanes. I met her when I was around seven or eight years old, after that we’ve been inseparable.

This is what keeps me calm, what keeps me sane and what keeps me grounded. The little interludes that tells me I was not born to slave away in the corporate world but to live. Live a life that can never be compared to a zombie. And when I write I get to untangle my thoughts and remove it from the violent hours I so intensely fight.

Yes, to write is to remember but to write can also be to forget … the things that are not important.


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