2012This movie is polarizing. You either hate it to hell or you’ll love it… you’ll even recommend it in your blog.

I’m going to be brave enough to say that hey this movie is worth watching. I found what I needed (entertainment, good story, hell of an effect and the need to go call everyone I’ve ever known and say ‘thank you and see you on the other side’ just in case we go kaput today) and sure hell that’s enough.

2012 sits on a premise long predicted by the Mayan civilization. It states that a cataclysmic event will plunge the world into chaos and darkness by December 12, 2012 – if this be true, I’m totally screwed for buying a life insurance. What the producers and writers pitched in was the thesis of men’s thought process (ordinary, filthy rich, virtuous, twisted, sane insane, religious yadda yadda). As we all know the human race is capable of being resilient, creative and magnificently destructive.

Yet still some of the audience don’t get it. They wish to see a titanic-ish relevance to human progress aptly explained by the wide riffraffs of existential theorists. So let me smack you with the gist: You. Will. Die. And. It . May. Be. So. Damn. Horrible. Before. You. Bite. The. Dust. You. See. The. One. Dearest. To. You. In. Inexorable. Anguish. What do you say, feel, hear, and perhaps in a single split second do, when this proposition comes your way? You want titanic-ish? Watch Titanic. Until that substantial dissertation gets to anyone’s head they can pretend to be smart.  The little zooming in and outs of thoughts and emotions that can come out from any regular Joe and the astounding feat one can achieve or neglect. That is the story of 2012. The relevance can only be relative if you allow yourself to it.2012_movie_stills 

To be fair, Roland Emmerich pulled every stop currently possible to our technology and he delivered it well. There was a resounding terror watching the first wave of destruction after the protagonist Jackson Curtis (John Cusack)  finds out the end is near. The visual manipulation and artsy way of ruining, demolishing and sinking things were so astute you’d start to have flashbacks of the recent earthquake in Indonesia, tsunami in Samoa, fire storms in the US and flooding in the Philippines.

To ground us (audience) closer to the story, Emmerich pitches a dysfunctional family to play us in the film. John Cusack’s character is a divorced unsuccessful writer who is trying to pick up the pieces of his life and who secretly still wants his family back. The reconnecting protagonist is so disconnected it will take the end of the world to shake him out of his inability to identify his failure and how to fix it. By doing so, the producers achieve the correlation of life and destruction and the need to survive any carnage.2012 movie stills

We also briefly meet Woody Harrelson’s character, Charlie Frost, whose performance is both hilarious and sharp he made sense of the insane. There are more characters that may or may not represent so many of us out there. But unlike what other’s are saying, I did not feel the need to see more people dying – which this movie achieved – I know that nightmare already exist and visiting those horrible thoughts are never clever.

Be warned, 2012 may not be for everyone. But for those who feels the need to be thoroughly awed by effects this one goes home with an Oscar.

Ratings:  starstarstarstar_halfstar_2


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