Last Saturday, after the electricity went back, after the storm passed and after I went out to grab something to eat, my friend Mona caught me in Skype and called.

I’ve set up my account last September but was unable to go around to use it. Until I saw a little box at the corner of my screen and saw two messages from September. I was pretty sure it has been sitting there the moment it was sent but I must’ve been too distracted to notice. I don’t find this fact amusing, I’m sure if I keep accidentally ignoring things in front of me it can cause significant aches in the future.

Anyway, so Mona called. And boy was I happy. I think the three and a half hours of talk time will give you an idea that we were both glad to hear each other’s voice. We laughed a lot, shared tons of stories. She told me about her relationship and how well things are going. I blabbed about work and the very many changes that have been happening. Slightly discussed about saggy forearms and not so firm bums. Who got married. Who’s in Jersey. Buying a house. Someone’s new credit card. Old boyfriends who have serious issues. Pizza flavoured sandwich spread and a whole lot more.

When it was time to hang up, it was difficult to say goodbye. I would have prattled on until it was my bedtime but Mona had errands to run by 9am. I was on the other side of the globe so it may be 9pm here but it’s almost daybreak there. So eventually I had to let her go.

It was nice of her to call. Somehow I was not alone on my rainy weekend.

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