This and That

I read this book that was unbelievably gut wrenching … someone died in the end.

And although I’ve read plenty of books that had characters meeting untimely deaths, this one raised the readers ante for pain. A kind hero, too pure for a world that was so sick. He did not die a heroes death, instead he died in his own hands because of the depraved condition his foolish heart got himself into.

A suicide. And with all the goodness of his heart it won’t mean a thing because to hell he’ll go straight.

Love and life never gave him much clarity and in his time of vulnerability, the only girl he ever loved made a seemingly wrong choice which drove him to the edge. I’ll tell you more on November, I have one more book to review before that.

I shouldn’t read tragedy. I’m too weak.


I am thinking about him again! Why can’t I get him off my mind? I can’t help it. I know I should stop. I have things to do. I don’t like going crazy. He makes me forget things and he make me do things I shouldn’t.

Argh! He makes me blush just by staring into his deep dark eyes.

And that’s saying a lot. I haven’t blushed in a long time.


Hmm, that feels good. Just how I wanted it and just the right amount of what I need.

It really does pay to plan your weekend. Mine, although it’s not as eventful as the previous, it was what I needed. I sat to write and lounged around to read a book. I ate what I wanted (had McDonald’s deliver) and I napped until my head felt a twinge of ache for over sleeping. I also got to watch a bit of t.v. which has become a rarity since September 26.

I should be set for another long hectic week, studying numbers, passing exams and working to lead a team of twenty one.

I’m hoping to get more peaceful weekends like this.

Currently listening to Shattered by OAR via 96.5 TIC Chicago


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