This time let’s make it a little more peaceful.

The last two weekends have been crazy as a twister and I need to make it a little more organized and calm. I’ve been faring through busy weekdays and I think I won’t be able to continue if I allow my weekends to bustle frequently and endlessly.

This weekend is for writing and reading. A therapeutic interlude after my organized chaos. First, sleep off Saturday so by Sunday I have enough brain cells to write a piece for The Historian. As soon as I finish that, an hour or two of tv for break. Then I’ll cap it off with the 4th book I’ve been reading about Greek Mythology (with a modern twist). I went to the grocery yesterday and I’ve stocked on chips, candies and yogurt … just because I am spending it wise doesn’t mean I’ll eat smart too. Although yogurt is healthy, it would still end up on the bad side if you consume a pint in one seating. Why? Well, just a little reward for being a good girl. I’ve stuck with my chosen diet (of two full meals a day and zero food five hours before going to bed) for months now and I’ve lost a considerable weight. I think a day of sinful pigging out won’t hurt. Just a little treat – no biggy. It’s like un-bogging the old non-conformist in me … if that makes sense.

I’m crossing my fingers that it goes as planned because Halloween will be hectic again. The weeks following that will also be trailed with endless things to do.

Come find me luck.

Currently listening to The Boys Of Summer by the Ataris via Launchcast


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