Reads and Crossroads

I’ve been reading a lot lately and I have more than half a dozen new books that still needs finishing. I still haven’t written my review for The Historian – which is a contemporary classic, if I should say so myself – and I’m looking in my calendar to see where I can squeeze it. So far, I still see that as a challenge. So many things to do, so little time.

By the way, last two Saturday’s ago an old manager of mine called offering me a job. Not that I didn’t have one but he just wants me in his team… so bad that this was the second time he called me for the same job.

My current company has a set plan for me and if I’m a good girl something great will happen by April. What bothers me is: what if I can get twice the pay with half the work? If that is the case, then it’ll be smart to take his offer. But wait, I’m jumping ahead of myself, I still would have to negotiate my price.

I want twice what I’m getting now, plus over time pay (because when you’re a member of the Management you don’t get overtime pay), plus hmm what else … ?

For sure, I want more. If anyone wants me to join their team this much I must get the good end of the bargain. Giving up what I have right now to leap into the void is tricky so I’m going to need all the cover I can get.

But truth be told, I like where I’m at right now. The plan that will take effect on April 2010 is unbelievably tangy and many would say I’d be stupid to jump ship right now.

Pirating is such sweet sorrow.

Currently listening to Notion by Kings Of Leon


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