I’ve been uber busy lately. Apart from work, I’ve also been running errands. A couple of books, letters to write, a handful of calls to return and putting my apartment the right side up have been stacking the list.

Let’s also not forget I’m putting together my Christmas shopping – mostly gifts. 

My life is such hard work, I need a footrub.


You know that book Cirque du Freak?

I read that, around 2003 (if I remember it right) and I went as far as the fourth book. I just found out that they made a movie. And as usual I was disappointed. I looked around for a trailer and bit my tongue… John C Riley and William Dafoe is there! Woah! Sorry if I jumped to conclusion. I think even just for these two actors I will still go see the film.


I sure hell hope they do it justice.


I saw the very boring interview of the New Moon cast in Comic Con. I thought the kid playing Jacob Black has a bit of Matt Damon in him. Don’t you think?

I should go to sleep now.



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