I might have said a little more than I should. I did not mean to fish for sympathy … I am the least person that needs that.  It wasn’t as if I could not help myself.

Surely, I was in a place that I did not like but I was no different to the hundreds that had to fare the storm. After I’ve pacified my nerves and realized others got the worst end of it, I found myself a little more calm and pensive.  I also recognized that the days leading to September 26 made me more prepared. First I had money – no, I had cash – which was painfully crucial for days to follow. Credit cards or ATMs had no use whatsoever. Second, I was at home and not stranded in the middle of nowhere. Third, I had a handful of candle sticks.

I might have been a walking doom and gloom for the past few days but I’m hoping that better things will continue to follow. There are obviously a lot of things to be said, a lot of people to thank, and much appreciation to those who suffered my temper (without thoroughly allowing the stress get into them) and I will get to that.

Like what I’m suggesting, good things followed soon after. The company did my laundry, while at work I did not have to pay a dime for any meals for two weeks, I was able to cash in my vacation and sick leaves, got my bonus in advance, they offered hotel accommodations (which I did not take advantage of, because heck I still have a house) and yeah did I tell you that they allowed us to charge our phones while electricity was out in our homes?

Relatives also came to clean, people whom I haven’t communicated with for quite sometime also made sure I was okay.

I may still not be changing how I think of the monkey in the palace – wench! I still can’t see where my taxes are going! – but I’ve learned my lesson never never rely on her armada. Would you believe the US marines was doing their job a whole lot better? I am critical only because I care for this country plus I hate her with a fang because of all the shinanigans she passes as work (why do you do the things you do? How bent are you?).

Right now, I’m listing gifts to buy for Christmas and some groceries. I’m also trying not to think of how the city is still so darn dirty.

I’m slowly going back to normal, back to my daily grind, back to the life I want and that makes  me feel better.

Currently listening to I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2 via Launchcast


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