The Deluge

2 10 2009

If you knew me, you’d know I love rain. In ratio, I find myself happier when the sky is overcast coupled with a light drizzle, as opposed to sun shiny days. But not today, not when it’s steadily raining for 24 hours and not when they are about to simultaneously open three dams around the city without warning. 

Saturday, September 26 

10am: It’s been raining overnight and the roads are becoming difficult due to the rising water. It’s still up to my ankle but by the looks of it, the downpour will certainly raise it higher. My umbrella is useless. The rain is horizontal and the wind is chaotically confusing everyone. I’m dripping wet by the time I got home. 

1pm: My street is packing a steady current. The water is now shin deep. I’m beginning to get scared. If it continues to rain, the water might soon knock on my door. 

1:30pm: Electricity is kaput. Time to check if I have candle sticks. I am now officially cut off from the world (save of course if I walk to the next door), no radio, mobile phone network acting up and zero news from what the beejesus is happening out there. 

2pm: Unbeknownst to me, they have opened three dams around the city. In a matter of minutes the water seeped into the front and back of the house. I was lying in bed comfortably reading a book when I heard the dogs barking frantically. If it weren’t for them, I would have gone to sleep. From here onwards, I’d be changed. I’d be looking at water differently… fearfully. It was just a split second decision, fight or flight. Seeing that I had a chance to ride this, I chose to fight and picked up the heavy television set to the 2nd floor. A hole started carving inside my stomach, I’m in trouble. 

2:30pm: Water, mud and garbage is moving in fast – this is bad, this is very very bad. I’ve carried most of the appliances to safety but there is still so much to haul. I can’t carry them all, so a choice to let a handful of it go to waste was made. I know that I am damning them forever but I am helpless now. I can’t do anything but watch the water rise. Fear has set in, what if it comes to a point that I’m too late to evacuate. No one told me to. What now? 

5pm: From my terrace I took a peak of my street. Amazing, you can actually go white water rafting except that it had debris (heavy mud, cars, garbage, parts of houses that have been ripped off, stray animals and more).  I’m a fairly good swimmer but the swells of brown, rubble laden raging water will be too much to endure. I’d drown in an instant.

7pm: I’m still hauling appliances to the second floor. I have to keep moving or I’ll start thinking that I’m irrevocably trapped. It’s dark and it’s hard to see but the candles are doing their best. The water is now waist deep. It’s cold and I’ve been shivering for hours. I can still hear the heavy rain banging on my roof, when it will end, I have no idea. It’s dark, slippery and I can’t believe I’ve moved so many things, including the ones that are painfully heavy. I am running on hope that it will stop or I  wake up from this nightmare. But the bottom line is, I could not understand why this is happening. 

9pm: As soon as I’ve accepted that the rain is here to stay, the sooner I realized that I’m doomed. Somehow it helped. I sat on the stairs helplessly watching water gushing in. I saw a movement at the corner of my eyes; the fridge started moving on its own. Everything that’s not bolted down is now floating; even the ones that are as heavy as hell. I was too tired to care but still shaking and feeling defeated. I had no energy to lift anymore but my mind is racing … calculating the many things I’ve lost because some retard failed to send us a warning. I kept chanting in my head that it’s not as bad … Jean it’s not as bad. Somewhere out there people are fighting for their lives and you can bet several lives have been needlessly lost. You just have to stay here and keep sane.  Not as bad, so calm down, I kept telling myself. Yeah I know, not as bad but sure hell’s bad enough. 

It’s still raining and I am having difficulties calming my nerves. I’m all wet, shivering, confused and close to tearing my hair off. 

(To be continued)




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16 10 2009
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