Saturday was great!

Although Friday’s work trapped and thoroughly wore me out, I trudged my sleep-deprived Saturday with enthusiasm. I might have given myself some assignments (a date and dancing shoes) but none of it came as an inconvenience. First, it was a pool party so no dancing shoes were needed. And second, my friends (sort of) brought me a date.

Coming to the party intending to save myself of chlorine was a bad idea. Because the moment everyone started getting inebriated, they decided to literally toss people in the pool. I was the boss of everyone and that made me feel comfortable, thinking they’d never consider getting me wet. Never the boss right? Naah, I was the first one to go. Even if I had my cell phone in my pocket, skinny blue jeans and make up on, it did not stop them from flinging me into the water. When I checked my pocket, I realized that someone was nice enough to pick it before completely abandoning me to drown. They do the craziest stuff … I love them for that.

When I asked the birthday boy if he wanted me to bring anything, he shrugged his shoulders and concluded that I can bring whatever. So I grabbed a bottle of Absolut Apeach and a few bottles of Sprite and everyone was utterly pleased. I’m an occasional drinker but if you ask me what my current fave is, it would be this. It was very easy to prepare and no pretentious mix is needed. Just a shot of vodka and a mouthful of Sprite is enough.


The sort of date is the same guy they’ve been egging me with the last time we went out. Paul’s a sport so even if all the people in the party kept insinuating that something sweet is happening between us – there’s none, by the way – he rode it like a gentleman and was quite charming.

With the load of work brought about by my transition from airlines to mortgage account, I think I am in dire need of quality time with myself and friends. The aim to take a break is a jab to cope with sanity and completely losing my eagerness to work. With the type of trenches I manoeuvre within my job, it’s all but normal to disrupt it with the occasional relaxation.

It’s true that after your organized chaos it is healthy to have some chaotic indulgence.

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