Thoughts In The Dark

What do I stand to gain? What exactly will I achieve being friends with you?

It came as no surprise. This is where we’re supposed to end up, in different poles on different sides. And for a good reason.

Perhaps my upbringing has taught me strongly against people like you. People who are so backwards they’re technically a Cro-Magnon. What a poor excuse for a human. What a sad state of screwed up moral compass.  It is true that culture doesn’t automatically come from education or stature in life, and it is very unfortunate that you embody that. I have never met anyone so distasteful … so trashy. You need to buy some education and get some breeding while at it. I’ve met people who live in the slums who conduct themselves far better than you do.

Do us all a favor, crawl under a rock and never come out.


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