In Trouble

How you doing?

I’m fantastic! How about you?

Been dreaming lately.

‘bout what?

Crazy stuff.

Fill me in.

I sense incredulity in your voice.

What possessed you to say that?

I’ve known you all my life Gabe … no need to hide. Given we’re on the same page, like I said, fill me in.

It had you in it.

Am I wearing clothes?

Not the entire time.

You son of a bitch!

What? You said spill!

This conversation is over.

Wait, come on. Don’t be like that. So what if I saw your uh-mazing knockers?

You are making me nervous.

Honestly, you shouldn’t be. If I saw something in there that’s not good, then be scared. Over all I liked it. A laaaaat.

Bite your tongue Gabe!

You are on fire.

Let me remind you, I’m your girlfriend’s friend.

Well excuse me, it’s my dream. If anything, I should be the one complaining. I mean, first I was kissing Leigh then suddenly she became you.


Yeah right. What’s up with that?


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