Running Sick

I intended the long day to start early.

I had several errands to run and given I’ve been sick since Monday, I needed to pace myself right so I don’t end up feeling dizzy in the middle of the day. First off, breakfast. I’ve been meaning to get a hot cup of mint mocha chip frap but ended with a White Chocolate Mocha and a baguette. Not bad for a start. The lady barista relished my name as she passed it to another barista who prepared the drinks – it made me wonder why. While waiting, the guy preparing my chocolate coffee smiled to me sweetly and asked if I was off to work. Feeling the preference not to tell a stranger my itinerary, I said I was just off to the mall for a little walk. He seemed inclined to chat more but I had in my face the look that politely indicated, I’m not in the mood to be hit on. As he primed, he gave me options of how I might want my drink – less whip and non fat – but because he was flashing his infectious smile, I forgot to tell him I wanted it decaf.

Soon after, I jumped in line to get one of my government ID renewed. I was early but the line that met me was already on the third floor. Mind you the end of it was at the basement. Heading there, I jogged leisurely with my headset appropriately plunked in my ears – Kings of Leon blasting. After maybe an hour or two, I went to the bank to get my company ATM replaced. I broke its magstripe for no reason, so until it gets exchanged I would have to dig my hands to my savings. Which is running measly, if you wanted to know.

Covering my priorities for the day, I went to see if I can buy myself another book. Although I haven’t finished the ones I recently bought I felt the need to stock a few. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything that I like. Later on, I looked for a new pair of shoes but instead went home with a new pair of Havaiannas.

Around late afternoon, a heavy throb ran across my temple. This signalled me that I’ve forgotten lunch which was easy to achieve given that my appetite have been askew lately. As a substitute, I grabbed a bottle of water, some oranges (that I did not eat) and went home. I just hate it when my body refuses to ignore that I’m feeling sick.

When I got home, I felt unbelievably tired but implausibly sleepless.

Note to self: Ignore cute baristas hitting on you and always get a decaf.

Currently listening to the Cobra Starship interview via Monster Radio


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