This is what happened.

My internet provider kept acting up for almost a week. So to make the long story short, I called my ISP every time this happens. But the many times it has occurred started to gnaw on me and my last thread of patience was lost last Monday when I received a text message saying that the rebate I asked for the Friday of no service was denied. Why? Because the insipid technician wrote on his report that it was my PC fault, that’s why I could not get service.

I turned livid as livid can be. I picked up the phone and asked for further explanation. When the operator said it was due to my PC I yelled that I did not have a PC – I had two laptops in my apartment. And the likelihood that both of them losing and receiving internet signal at the same time and be concluded as a “Unit Issue” is ludicrous. The operator was silent. I reviewed to her the timeline of my internet service disruptions and I told her how appalled I am on the technical team’s inability to do a good job (I reported my technical issue Friday morning, they arrive early evening the next day, then it goes kaput again by Monday morning. I mean, how idiotic and unreliable are they?).

I’ve made several calls to intentionally pester them; told them that I will not drop my schedule just to wait for them the entire day. And unless I see them knocking on my door between 8:30am to 9am, I will not stop complaining (somehow their company take this seriously because they give you a ticket number for follow up). Lo and behold! They did not get there in time last Wednesday. Therefore I went back to the phone and went ape-sh** with the operator. Eventually she had to place me on hold so she can coordinate with the technical team (who has brains for sh**) so I can get a new schedule. When she got back, she was hesitant to tell me that I was given a Saturday schedule. I did not waste any time exclaiming my most threatful, “What!?” When she finally realized I am not one to cross and I needed to be prioritizing, lest I’ll send them to the darkest pits of hell, she went back to the technical team and got me the schedule I demanded.

Come next day, I got my internet functioning. It pays to know when to shout at the right time. It is true that I’ve yelled to all I’ve talked to, intimidated them with my ability to be sarcastic, condescending, rude and most of all loud. Let’s also not forget that with the right amount of mindset (a.k.a anger), I can reduce anyone to a gibbering moron.

In conclusion, it was found out that it was them who had issues due to portal ineptitude. Now my house internet is running okay.

For now …


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