A Bunch

skinny_jeansI was meant to send something out yesterday. Something nice to start the month. Unfortunately something aggravating drove me livid which meant, tons of yelling on the phone.

Don’t’ get me started; I’m trying to temper my temper. Instead, let’s talk a bit about my trip to the mall last Sunday and the things I was able to take home.

the_last_songFirst, I got the books I wanted (The Last Song by Nicolas Sparks and The Historian by Elizabeth Kostova). I’ve set a date for a marathon reading in the middle of the week anytime this September and hopefully my boss will allow me a two day respite for it. Then I got a new pair of skinny jeans which I wore the next day for a test drive. So far a handful of friends noticed me wearing it, which translates to, “good choice and nice fit.” Perhaps the slip on glass heels helped.

Those are two of the things I’ve placed in my priority shop list and was lucky enough to squeeze a few bucks for my meds.

the_historianBy Monday morning, I started on plastic covering my books and chanced upon two chapters from The Last Song. Like I said in my previous posts, I wanted to read a proper Nicolas Sparks novel. After watching a few of his best in the big screen, I think it’s about time that I discover what the hubbub is all about. I just hope it delivers because the book was somewhat expensive compared to the other best selling novel I picked up.


So it’s September. What does the cosmos have in store for me? August went by like a breeze and if this month will be as nice and comfortable like the one that passed, then I’ll be a happy camper.

I don’t have much on my calendar this month save for my sister leaving for abroad this Saturday … and oh, my Mom and Dad’s anniversary. Oh wait, if Dad has passed is it still essential to celebrate it? I don’t know?

Let me see. I’ve had deliverables/ articles that I haven’t posted. Given that its way waaaay too late, I’m thinking of just sending them to the recycle bin. What do you think?sept-calendar

Since it’s not relevant anymore, I feel it’s best to be left to undefined dates. Given that it consist of pictures from my photography class, some from my June vacay and intellectual rambles I don’t see any weight; seeing as it suffered too much delay.

I am hoping that my temper improves. I’ve been losing it several times this week and mostly over the phone. I can’t seem to tolerate ineptitude.

I’m a well paying consumer. Hear me roar.


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