Begging For Trouble

Smart, prissy, eloquent, important people like me don’t read over rated vampire novels. We read philosophy driven masterpieces – the kind that creates profound opinions. We – meaning the minority of sharp human beings – boss people around, frown a lot, buy expensive coffees everyday and have only super intellectual things to say.

No, not really. 

I may be pretty stuck up with the books I read but this one is just too much fun to look down on. The truth is, I’ve been staring at my bookshelf for days now. I’ve wondered aimlessly when I’ll start re-reading New Moon. Alright, there it is. I’ve said it; I’m addicted to these scrumptious vampires and werewolves. But hey, it doesn’t change the fact that I am still smart, prissy, eloquent and important.

Of all the four, New Moon hit me closer. It’s almost as if few of its pages were lifted from my own life (note: I did not jump off a cliff… and I will not. I can kill myself on the ground, thank you very much). You know that part where you flipped pages that represented months of impregnable void? That’s me sometime in the past. It felt good to know that it did not end dreadfully yet you traveled its quaint designs. At least, even in imagination the characters redeemed you in a pseudo first person approach.

And do you know who makes me shiver in a good way? Jacob.

He is one guy who is more than willing to take it to the wire. And perhaps since I’ve had too little representations of that kind of chivalry in my life, I felt that his self deprecating ways to get into the heart of the one he loves is astounding… an astounding feat of self delusion.

When I say astounding feat of self delusion that’s the super intellectual talking. I mean for someone hotter than a stove can’t he just find someone else a little less dense? And to those who’d say they’ll pass a Jacob Black and still go for the emo vampire … Oh come on, wouldn’t you want someone to go crazy for you that way?  I mean pubescent crazy in love crazy. He may be trudging a hopeless existence but hey, he’s hopeless for you. And if someone is willing to be used in that level without giving it a second thought, go for it. We can always use someone who would love to be used.

I think its lovely that after all the damages life has done to you, there is a Jacob that will try to put you back.

Sometimes, levels of thoughtlessness is good. This is when we get to live more. This is when a sudden disregard of good judgment becomes the spice that makes looking back so great. The vanity of ownership and careless abandon aaahhh, what a healthy dose of trouble.

But going back, I think if New Moon was directed well it wouldn’t end up as pretentious as the first. The romance in the plot is already diabetes inducing, there was really no need to climb a tree to represent it.

I shouldn’t be procrastinating; I should just take it off the shelf and curl in my bed with a box of Kleenex. But wait, I still have to finish The Historian.

I trust that’s the intellectual thing to do.

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Saturday was great!

Although Friday’s work trapped and thoroughly wore me out, I trudged my sleep-deprived Saturday with enthusiasm. I might have given myself some assignments (a date and dancing shoes) but none of it came as an inconvenience. First, it was a pool party so no dancing shoes were needed. And second, my friends (sort of) brought me a date.

Coming to the party intending to save myself of chlorine was a bad idea. Because the moment everyone started getting inebriated, they decided to literally toss people in the pool. I was the boss of everyone and that made me feel comfortable, thinking they’d never consider getting me wet. Never the boss right? Naah, I was the first one to go. Even if I had my cell phone in my pocket, skinny blue jeans and make up on, it did not stop them from flinging me into the water. When I checked my pocket, I realized that someone was nice enough to pick it before completely abandoning me to drown. They do the craziest stuff … I love them for that.

When I asked the birthday boy if he wanted me to bring anything, he shrugged his shoulders and concluded that I can bring whatever. So I grabbed a bottle of Absolut Apeach and a few bottles of Sprite and everyone was utterly pleased. I’m an occasional drinker but if you ask me what my current fave is, it would be this. It was very easy to prepare and no pretentious mix is needed. Just a shot of vodka and a mouthful of Sprite is enough.


The sort of date is the same guy they’ve been egging me with the last time we went out. Paul’s a sport so even if all the people in the party kept insinuating that something sweet is happening between us – there’s none, by the way – he rode it like a gentleman and was quite charming.

With the load of work brought about by my transition from airlines to mortgage account, I think I am in dire need of quality time with myself and friends. The aim to take a break is a jab to cope with sanity and completely losing my eagerness to work. With the type of trenches I manoeuvre within my job, it’s all but normal to disrupt it with the occasional relaxation.

It’s true that after your organized chaos it is healthy to have some chaotic indulgence.

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Responsibility woke me around six but I only followed it around 6:30. By this time, I was hurrying for everything. I am sure of three things: I hate being late but I can’t wake up early and sometimes I just annoy myself.

I’ve dragged the week like a headless chicken. Wishing for bed instead of pinging off the walls, I’ve spent the last three days of it running through tests, class and tests after tests, class and more tests. My last days with United Airlines is thoroughly exhausting me. Must find some breather after this, before I head to JPMorgan Chase.

Define, deny, derail. Sigh.

I should stop complaining.

I can’t wait for Saturday. Thank heavens for Mike’s birthday. A day for drinking and not having to think that I need to wake up early the next day. I’m just going to lie down in bed the entire day Sunday — why does life need to be gruelling before it ever gets interesting? Now all I need is a date and some good shoes for dancing.

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Thoughts In The Dark

What do I stand to gain? What exactly will I achieve being friends with you?

It came as no surprise. This is where we’re supposed to end up, in different poles on different sides. And for a good reason.

Perhaps my upbringing has taught me strongly against people like you. People who are so backwards they’re technically a Cro-Magnon. What a poor excuse for a human. What a sad state of screwed up moral compass.  It is true that culture doesn’t automatically come from education or stature in life, and it is very unfortunate that you embody that. I have never met anyone so distasteful … so trashy. You need to buy some education and get some breeding while at it. I’ve met people who live in the slums who conduct themselves far better than you do.

Do us all a favor, crawl under a rock and never come out.

In Trouble

How you doing?

I’m fantastic! How about you?

Been dreaming lately.

‘bout what?

Crazy stuff.

Fill me in.

I sense incredulity in your voice.

What possessed you to say that?

I’ve known you all my life Gabe … no need to hide. Given we’re on the same page, like I said, fill me in.

It had you in it.

Am I wearing clothes?

Not the entire time.

You son of a bitch!

What? You said spill!

This conversation is over.

Wait, come on. Don’t be like that. So what if I saw your uh-mazing knockers?

You are making me nervous.

Honestly, you shouldn’t be. If I saw something in there that’s not good, then be scared. Over all I liked it. A laaaaat.

Bite your tongue Gabe!

You are on fire.

Let me remind you, I’m your girlfriend’s friend.

Well excuse me, it’s my dream. If anything, I should be the one complaining. I mean, first I was kissing Leigh then suddenly she became you.


Yeah right. What’s up with that?