A Good End

This is the good pressure. The kind that you are willing to undergo and very much inclined to dive in. My current pressure is to shop.

Given that my pants are falling off and I’m not sure if some of my baby tees can fit without looking awkward, a good days worth of shopping is in order. For the past few days, I can properly say that I’ve changed a bit. I learned to be more efficient in compartmentalizing my meals and getting the right amount of sleep. Although, my fingers are still crossed that I can sustain it.

In the middle of the week I asked my boss if I can take a day off. He said no. Bummer. But I have the weekend to look forward to. Given that I hate crowds, I would need to move it on a Sunday; late afternoon until the mall closes. By that time people would be too busy trying to gather the very little time they have to relax before a new work week starts. So most of them should be home. As for me, I’ll come to work late for Monday. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no nuisance. I was just lucky enough to get a decent schedule.

What I’m also looking forward too is having a day just to myself. For the past few days, I’ve been going out with friends and somehow, it brings the need to get a little “alone/ me time”.

Another pair of jeans, maybe a top, knickers, a pair of slip ons. And let’s not foget a nice meal at The Old Spaghetti House.

Currently listening to Use Somebody by Kings of Leon via Launchcast


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