A Good Start

I woke up last Monday morning and leisurely prepared for breakfast with friends. I commuted to the mall and met with Abby and Ben at Pancake House in the city. This is going to be our last get together since they are off to Australia by Thursday.

Given that my last meal was Sunday Morning (I forgot to eat, I don’t know how that happened), I was properly famished. When I got to the restaurant and read the menu, I had difficulty choosing my meal – I sort of wanted everything, which was a predicament because they’re paying for it. And ordering the lot will be a bit too much. I eventually ordered a glass of Four Seasons and a plate of Gambero (super yum). As soon as the food hit our table I automatically stuffed my face with it. We talked while finishing our plate and at the back of my head, I was counting the short hours before I had to say goodbye (plus how succulent the shrimps were). You see, this is my last meeting with them.

While at it, we had a bit of a surprise exchange gift. Abby bought me a very elegant knitted top, dark chocolate and two key chains. I gave her a book that she was apprehensive about (The Graveyard Book) and gave Ben one, too (The Pillars of the Earth). Both of which are my personal all time fave. After providing Ben with the right amount of caution – he is about to start on a gargantuan novel – we swapped “thank yous” and “you’re welcomes”.

Soon after, I headed for work. The day trudged nonchalantly and I was able to cap it with the usual A-okay, finishing my Monday with as much as I can accommodate. Ultimately, the day ended with me having dinner with a different set of friends. This time I paid for it but was unable to finish it.

Looking back, I thought of how much I’ve missed Abby. While she was here, I revived the shopper in me. It’s not every day I get to go out with someone who shares the same shopping tune as I have.

Or maybe, it just helps that she has a fashionista streak and it rubs off me.


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