Playday Wednesday

Yesterday, I got home around six in the morning feeling my brain hyper acting because of anticipation. I had to remind Abby to ring me up for our day out.

Abby use to be from around here but moved Down Under to be with her husband Ben. They are visiting for a few days and I made it a priority to meet with them before their flight next Thursday. We met in Shangri La Starbucks and I was simply ecstatic when I saw Abby.

After giving her a big hug and pinching her arm, we started our day with a light lunch at KFC. Soon, we made a bee line to get some drinks and popcorn for the Time Traveller’s Wife. The original plan was an IMAX screening of GI Joe but it soon changed due to changing itinerary brought by how busy they are and my work. As soon as the movie was done – and after momentarily looking for Ben’s missing glasses under our seats – we walked around and did a bit of shopping. I tried looking for shoes but there wasn’t much to my taste.

What was odd was, I kept coming across these dainty Flannel tops – apparently Australians don’t like them and they call them Westy – that slowly grew on me. So ultimately, we went back to People Are People after I’ve realized that I want one. As of this writing, I can’t wait to wear it.

We continually wandered around (from bookshop to clothes shop, through a hotel, after ice cream and a few more purchases) and went to the computer alley to get some gadgets. By this time, we were slowly growing thirsty and hungry – me: anything with vodka, Abby: a Pitcher of Zombie, Ben: scotch over cola and all of us are in need of a proper dinner. Thus, our trusted Tia Maria’s was our next stop. 

I was appropriately full and was considerably tipsy by the time the restaurant closed. Somehow the two needed to wash off a bit of alcohol in their blood, so we decided to get to the closest coffee shop and continued with our chit chat. I had a Darjeeling tea and shared my no sugar carrot cake with Abby.

Very satisfied, properly tired, feet hurting from my high heeled shoes and wanting a long cold shower, I capped the day feeling happy to see old friends. Now all I have to do is say thanks by grabbing the bill faster than they can on our Monday breakfast. Why? I didn’t spend a dime on our day out. They even paid for my taxi ride!

I feel guilty, sooooo guilty.


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