The Proposal (2009)


There was a direct intent to watch The Proposal. But after realizing I needed to find time, it was moved to a later date.

Nonetheless, I found it very satisfying. This is the type of fan fair that even though you know where the story is headed you still stay put and allow yourself the journey.

It’s a story of a guy that hates his boss to the bone but is caught up in her working visa issues. She is a cold, high-powered editor who can effortlessly manage to raise fear in four inch heels (Ana Wintour anyone?). The gist: they stage a fiancé route to get both themselves off their chosen predicament. The grand plan is reliable and their business agreement is treated with great caution given they have so much to lose.

But the plan is slowly foiled when they start to get to know each other. Ahh, what a beautiful complication, which we all know is headed to the ooeey gooey stuff that makes romantic comedy so palatable.


Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds pairings seem doubtful at first but their ability to exploit their acting chops fixes the snag. The chemistry eventually builds up via the all too reliable romantic comedy formula. Bullock’s dimensions ranges from uptight to awkward, and was well performed without overplaying. Reynolds on the other hand, has gradually improved his comedic ability via simple clueless ness and dry humor.

Set in Alaska – but shot in Massachusetts – it permitted the romance to blossom in the right location. The locality somehow made the surroundings photographic and allowed the story to evolve further. The pickle the characters are into is greatly supported by the laid back , uncomplicated Alaskan vibe.

And did I also mention the leads have uber hot bods? Oh yeah.  You might have already seen the trailer of them accidentally bumping in the middle of the room and ending up visually disclosing who’s on top. But the build up to that moment didn’t affect the comedy it’s supposed to bring.

It’s true that The Proposal may not be one of those movies that will sweep you entirely off your feet or reel in awards. Yet once in a while you’ll find a movie you can both enjoy in the comfort of a movie house (without feeling cheated out of your money) and in your comfortable over-sized sofa on a rainy day.

Or this might just be the romantic in me talking. 

Ratings: starstarstarstar_halfstar_2


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