Powerbooks Online Customer Review

I won that one … thought I let you know.

I was quite happy when I received the news. I thought Power Books would overlook it given my plethora of words – which, for some of its part came unnecessary. I just had so much to say about it and I wanted to share. A few weeks later they sent an email saying they chose my book review and said they “thoroughly enjoyed” it.

I’ve been looking into their job opening and once even asked if there was any opening for a book review writer. So far all the openings are just for store personnel, I’m much too qualified for that post. Don’t get me wrong, I did not conclude that but a cousin who gave me a look that meant I better shut up.  And given that I live in the 21st century, bookseller doesn’t sound as impressive as it was back in the 18th century. So until they open a slot for book reviewers, I’ll have my résumé on hold.


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