Of Dreams and Visions

I had a most peculiar dream last Monday.

Have you ever had a dream wherein you feel like you’ve been there before but after you’ve awoken you realize that not once in your life have you been in that place? I had that one. In my dream I was a wife of around forty years old, to a perhaps fifty to sixty  year old husband, with a son perhaps on his mid twenties and living in a huge cottage like house whose kitchen is made of big timbers.

In my dream, me and my husband was readying ourselves to bring a cartful of produce to the market.  One significant vegetable I remembered was a purple eggplant that I ate while walking to the market. It was sweet that I was only able to leave just a few to sell. What was most uncanny is that I could smell the field, taste the vegetable and could feel the autumn air. The senses felt at home and recognized everything around and about me. When we got back home visitors started arriving. Perhaps family, since they had with them their children around 5 to 8 years of age. I greeted them cheerfully and beckoned them to get inside.  It was raining hard but all was okay, like we were used to it.

There in my slumber, the faces I saw were familiar to me. Family and friends. And when I woke I was calm, hungry and thirsty… like I travelled far and was content.

Did I just see my life from the past?


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